Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Edible Book Fest

Hello again! I've got a sweet post for you today, and I don't awesome (even though it is an awesome post)! I am so excited to share this one with you; I cannot believe how well this project turned out!

My man's mom works at our local library, and she informed me that they were holding an Edible Book Fest. All you had to do was make some kind of reference to a book, and it had to be edible. Simple! Nibs was on it! I'm in the middle of reading Harry Potter (again), and I thought it would be fun to do something from those books. We decided to do a cake because that's what we're familiar with, but it didn't have to be that extravagant (come on, go big or go home).  Some kind of stack of spell books was our first idea, but after some research we settled on The Monster Book of Monsters from the third Harry Potter book. Nissa was going to be out of town a couple days before the contest so she and I brainstormed before she left, and I prepared myself to foot it alone!

The process was surprisingly easy! It obviously took a lot of work, but everything worked out pretty much how I planned. There was one hiccup with an icing tip that I wanted to try, but the alternative worked out better in my opinion. The cake had to be edible, but it was not going to be I used boxed cake. I know! I know! For shame right? Whatevs, no one was going to eat it. With the boxed cake I also used fondant, canned frosting, edible modeling dough, and homemade buttercream. That's it! The whole process probably took about 3 hours. And guess what? We won Best Team with it! Here's some process shots and the finished product.

If you have questions about any aspects of the cake or the process just let me know! Check out our Nibs page on facebook too!

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