Friday, August 17, 2012

Hello There!

Well hello there! I'm Brianna, and this is my blog "Sugar and Spice and Everything Else". Okay, the intro is done, let's see how the rest of this goes. This is my first ever blog post, and I am excited and scared...and everything else...Wow, I didn't think I'd be able to fit that in so soon.

I've wanted to try out a blog for some time, but like a lot of people, I never sat down to actually do it until tonight. I had a hard time figuring out what I wanted to talk about, and I think that's why it took me so long to start. What I've come down to was baking, cooking, and, again, everything else. I love to bake. Let me say that again. I LOVE to bake.

I also love me some Disney, hence the Minnie apron and headband.

For me, cooking goes right along with baking. I know that they are two totally separate categories of food, but I've done both my whole life. My mom worked in a bakery most of my childhood, and I went with her to work whenever I could. I also loved watching my dad cook (I still do). One of my favorite sounds is the sizzling of garlic, and that's usually the way all of my dad's dishes start out. I cook the way he does: no specific recipe, adjust to my own tastes (which is quite picky I'm sorry to say), and a lot of improv. As sketchy as that sounds, everything always turns out delicious!

Everything else is just that. I don't just bake and cook all day, even though I'd really love to, so I didn't want to confine my posts to just those two things. I follow the trend of nail art (lots of pictures), I live with crazy roommates, I teach dance and color guard, so I figured the tag-on of would take care of the non-baking, non-cooking items.

I've honestly been sitting here for an hour trying to make my first post perfect. After reading and rereading, I don't think I'm there yet. Instead, I'm a little tired, and sucked into a Law and Order SVU marathon. However, I'm very excited to continue on! Maybe I'll treat you all to another post in the next few days. I hope you come back to visit!

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  1. You're welcome, by the way, for the SVU marathon.