Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Chocolate Chip S'mores Cookies

This is hard! I can't believe how long it's been since I've posted. Things have gotten considerably busier since then. I'm teaching more dance classes, I'm looking into getting my yoga certification, still baking up a storm, and I'm working on Christmas presents already! I've got a free afternoon today however, and I thought I'd share a project my boyfriend and I did a couple weeks back. HE actually found this recipe online and said he wanted to try it. So, I present to you:

Chocolate Chip S'mores Cookies

The route we chose to go on this was a super simple one. All you need is:

-Chocolate chip cookie dough--we used a tub of Nestle Tollhouse dough because we didn't want to make a whole batch of dough just for an experiment, but feel free to use your favorite home or pre made dough
-Graham crackers
-Hershey's chocolate bars
-Marshmallows--you can buy mini mallows if you'd like, but we just cut up normal mallows into quarters

We couldn't wait. Just a little nibble.

Use a knife to carefully cut the crackers into small squares.

A little sticky.

 I've seen this recipe before, and most of them are made using a full on s'more. I knew that this would be much harder to accomplish, so we cut up all the ingredients to make mini s'mores. We did all of the prep work for the s'mores part first, but I would actually suggest making each s'more as you go. We cut up everything for the mini s'mores first, but there were too many of them for the amount of dough we had, and we ended up wasting a lot.

Next, we scooped out the dough with a disher--one of my favorite baking tools. It makes everything a uniform size.

The next part is a little tricky, but once you get the technique down it works out in the end. If you've ever made burger patties, then you'll be a pro at this! First I flattened the dough balls a bit and put a s'more in between two "patties". Then you just seam everything together.

At first I tried to flatten them out as much as I could without making the s'more poke out because if the experiment went wrong, I at least wanted an evenly baked cookie.

 Also, my other favorite baking tool is my silpat baking mat. Oh my goodness these things are miracle workers! The oven in our new place causes the outside of whatever we're baking to bake WAY faster than the inside. The silpat helps with this process and keeps the bottoms of cookies from burning. And NOTHING sticks to it. Nothing.

This one happens to be eco-friendly. I actually prefer it to the regular ones.
I had to peek in the middle of baking to see how things were going, and all was well!

 What I decided to do with the next batch was mound the dough a little more on top of the cookie. That way, while it baked and spread out, there would be more dough covering the s'more on top. It worked pretty well actually.

The best part? They tasted delicious!!!!!!!! I'm so glad that we made mini s'mores instead of normal sized ones. These cookies turned out huge! Try them out sometime, it's a super easy project.

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